Night Sky animation


I just wanna share this visual programming I did couple of months ago. Earlier I was browsing random stuffs in my document folders then I found this Processing program. It’s entitled “Night Sky”. It reminds me how great the feeling is whenever your code turns into something like this: 

Thanks to Processing, I was able to apply some concepts of image processing, specifically:

Perlin Noise – used for the clouds/fog/nebula. Also used to make the moon look cheesy.
Fractal Algorithm - Tree and grass generation. Love et!
Gaussian Random Number Generation – used for each of the location of the start to make them look like accumulating at the center.

This looks more stunning when seen live with animation. Here is a javascript port of this program:

Or, you can visit it's openprocessing page. I uploaded it there, click here
If I've got time, I'll try to make a JavaFX version of it. :)

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